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Hi there. We’re Assignmate™, your trusted partner in completing assignments quickly and correctly. There are many ways we can help out:

Add clarity to the assignment process, with a transparent workflow between builder, brokers, and real estate salespeople

Ensure completeness of documentation by guiding salespeople through information collection and document compilation, resulting in a complete package for review and approval

Facilitate compliance by including builder requirements as key steps in the workflow

Centralize assignments with a dashboard of all active assignment listings and assignment offers across all your projects

Improve efficiency by providing a tool for documentation review and quick responses/requests as part of the consent process

How it

I'm a Builder

Without you there would be no deals to do! We’re here to help by providing brokers and salespeople with a guided assignment-building process that’s super-efficient. The result is complete, final packages that conform with all your requirements, for your review and consent. You’ll also have a dashboard showing assignment requests, listings, and offers, and their status across all your projects. Best of all, assignments will done right!

I'm a Broker

Brokers are the people behind the deals! We’ll help you with a dashboard showing you the status of all assignments for all your salespeople. Your salespeople will have a clear, streamlined process for assignments with us checking to make sure nothing has been missed. That means builders will only get correctly-completed assignments—done right!

I'm a Salesperson

Salespeople are the ones who do the deals! We’re here to help you look like the pro you are. We’ll show you what information to collect, the documents you need to submit, and everything the vendor asked for, whether you’re the listing or co-operating salesperson. We’ll double check it all to make sure it’s done right, and you’ll always be able to see the status of all your assignments across all your projects. Spend less time on admin, do more deals!

Get in on the ground floor with Assignmate™ today!

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