Builder Announcement
Amacon adopts the RIOS Assignmate™ platform to streamline assignment transactions for Avia and Avia 2.
Broker Announcement
Haüskey adopts Assignmate™, setting a new standard for assignment transactions
Builder Announcement
Marshall Homes signs
up with Assignmate™
to streamline their
Broker Announcement
In2ition Realty
Brokerage partners with
Assignmate™ to facilitate
Broker Announcement
Orion Realty Corporation
Brokerage is using
Assignmate™ to ensure
document completeness

Streamlining real estate processes for faster growth

RIOS is on a mission to improve the efficiency of new housing development in Canada. Founded in partnership with R‑LABS, Teranet and Stewart Title. RIOS springs from a deep source of real estate tech experience.

RIOS is the Real estate Industry Operating System, a platform to improve the building and development process through innovation in data, workflow and business models. With Assignmate™, our first solution, we’ve streamlined the assignment listing, offer, and builder-consent processes. And stay tuned for our next innovations.

Assignmate™ for Builders, Brokers & Salespeople

Assignments are tough. Few real estate salespeople have much experience with them and 83% find them challenging to complete. Rife with standalone processes and uncoordinated stakeholders, completing an assignment is a daunting proposition.

Assignmate™ is your trusted partner in getting assignments done.

Assignments have never been this easy

Completing assignments is no longer an unwelcome adventure. Now you can initiate, list, prepare offers, and secure consent for your assignments quickly and simply with Assignmate™, a comprehensive tool for assignment fulfilment.

The result? A tidy package of everything required for builder consent. Complete, compliant assignments—done right!

Hello mate!

Assignmate logo - Assignmate (Running on Rios)

Meet Assignmate™, your trusted partner in getting assignments done right. Since completing assignments is a complex process, we’ve built a full-featured tool. Can we show you around? Come say hello to your best new mate.